Pelvic pain and Depression: What's the relationship? – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Depression is a common yet serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think, and how you act. I want to repeat that- depression is a medical condition. Often people have misperceptions as to what having depression or any other mental health issue means in terms of their sense of self … Read more

Understanding the Bladder's Role in Endometriosis | Asiandolls – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Endometriosis. It’s a term that most people know these days. In fact, some would say its “trending” as you see it all over tabloids and magazines. The truth is there is nothing trendy about it. Women with endometriosis often suffer unrelenting pelvic pain and painful sex. However, the truth is that endometriosis, more often than … Read more

The Psychology of Pelvic Pain: It's Not All in Your Head – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Living with chronic pelvic pain can be a debilitating, stressful and all-consuming experience. It can be a process that’s often difficult to navigate. Sometimes pelvic pain has an identifiable source, such as an infection or cyst. Other times, there are multiple different pain generators and elucidating the cause can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Patients can … Read more

What Lightning Crotch Before Ovulation Can Mean – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Have you ever felt a sharp jolt of pain in your pelvis near the middle of your cycle? You might be one of the many women who experience a phenomenon (unofficially) known as “lightning crotch.” The technical term, vulvodynia, refers to an as-of-yet unexplained, chronic pain that occurs in or around the vagina. Dr. Sonia … Read more

Is Pelvic Pain serious and how to tell when it's time to see a doctor? | Phantom Pelvic Pain | Vulvar Specialist NY | Asiandolls – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Pelvic pain affects one in every seven women, making it one of the most common women’s health issues in the world. From constipation and PMS to vulvodynia and pelvic inflammatory disease, there are many gynecological issues that can cause pelvic pain. When pelvic pain flares up, it can be difficult to tell if the cause … Read more

When Sex Hurts: Understanding Pelvic Pain and Intercourse – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Sex should never hurt. Read that again. It might seem like an obvious statement, but almost a third of women will experience painful sex (or dyspareunia) at some point in their lives. From vaginal dryness and itching to throbbing and aching, there are many different kinds of pelvic pain that can occur during intercourse. But … Read more

What's Causing My Pelvic Pain? Why It Hurts and How to Find Relief – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Itching, burning, swelling, fatigue, UTIs and painful intercourse: it’s not a pretty picture but these are all common symptoms of pelvic pain. Even though pelvic pain (pain that originates in the area below the belly button and above the legs) affects one in every seven women (and many men), it can be challenging to fully … Read more