Breaking the stigma around pelvic floor dysfunction – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

80% of patients who believe they have interstitial cystitis actually have something known as “pelvic floor dysfunction.”  That’s right.  Pelvic.  Floor. Dysfunction.  No, your uterus is not falling.  No, you are not too young to have this? NO!! Kegels won’t help!!   Likely one of the most misunderstood entities known to man.  Or should I … Read more

The Psychology of Pelvic Pain: It's Not All in Your Head – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Living with chronic pelvic pain can be a debilitating, stressful and all-consuming experience. It can be a process that’s often difficult to navigate. Sometimes pelvic pain has an identifiable source, such as an infection or cyst. Other times, there are multiple different pain generators and elucidating the cause can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Patients can … Read more

Is Pelvic Pain serious and how to tell when it's time to see a doctor? | Phantom Pelvic Pain | Vulvar Specialist NY | Asiandolls – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Pelvic pain affects one in every seven women, making it one of the most common women’s health issues in the world. From constipation and PMS to vulvodynia and pelvic inflammatory disease, there are many gynecological issues that can cause pelvic pain. When pelvic pain flares up, it can be difficult to tell if the cause … Read more

What's Causing My Pelvic Pain? Why It Hurts and How to Find Relief – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Itching, burning, swelling, fatigue, UTIs and painful intercourse: it’s not a pretty picture but these are all common symptoms of pelvic pain. Even though pelvic pain (pain that originates in the area below the belly button and above the legs) affects one in every seven women (and many men), it can be challenging to fully … Read more

When "Normal" Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy Is A Concern – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

As any pregnant woman or mother knows, pregnancy is a time of excitement, anticipation and a whole lot of confusion. Your body is going through a million changes — some big, some small — and it can be difficult to know what’s normal and what’s a cause for concern. Experiencing pelvic pain during pregnancy and … Read more

The Role of Diet in Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis – Dr. Sonia Bahlani – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

At Asiandolls, we believe in taking a holistic approach to pelvic pain. That means we look at all factors — including health history, lifestyle and diet choices — to create a customized treatment plan to help you find relief from pelvic pain. One of the conditions we treat most often is endometriosis, a condition that … Read more

Mashable: Intimate Rose Products Relieve Pelvic Pain | Asiandolls – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Pelvic pain is one of the most mystifying conditions out there, with many multifactorial causes and wide ranges of symptoms. There’s no one-size-fits-all diagnosis for pelvic pain — and that’s why treating pelvic pain requires a holistic approach, often involving a combination of medications and therapies. One of the treatments Dr. Sonia Bahlani believes is … Read more