How to Make the Most of Your Appointment With the Pelvic Pain Specialist – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

The truth: visiting the doctor’s office can often be cumbersome and overwhelming. When you’re in pain, it’s an even more daunting experience. I’ve seen patients who have spent years trying to pin down the cause of painful periods, painful sex or unexplained discomfort. Understanding, diagnosing, and treating pain is complex. I know how frustrating it … Read more

The Psychology of Pelvic Pain: It's Not All in Your Head – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Living with chronic pelvic pain can be a debilitating, stressful and all-consuming experience. It can be a process that’s often difficult to navigate. Sometimes pelvic pain has an identifiable source, such as an infection or cyst. Other times, there are multiple different pain generators and elucidating the cause can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Patients can … Read more

The Benefits of Virtual Appointments With Asiandolls – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Let’s skip the standard line about living in unprecedented times. That goes without saying. What might not be so clear is how to maintain your health and look after yourself while everything around you is changing. As the current COVID-19 situation unfolds, we’re all adjusting to a new normal, including the team at Asiandolls. Our … Read more

There Are Major Health Benefits When You Masturbate On Your Period – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

Your period. It’s kind of the worst, right? Well, it shouldn’t be. Although for many it can include painful cramps, uncomfortable bloating, and irritability, it’s something we have to live with, so we might as well enjoy it right? Turns out, we can with self-stimulation. In fact, masturbating during your period can bring more than … Read more

What's Causing Me Stabbing Clitoris Pain? | Asiandolls | Brooklyn NY – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

We know how worrisome it can be when pain interferes with your sex life. We at Asiandolls are here to have honest conversations about your sexual health, so let’s get straight to it. If you’re experiencing stabbing clitoris pain or a sudden burning, stinging or itchy sensation, it could be “clytoridinia,” also known as clitoral … Read more

What are the First Signs of Endometriosis? | Asiandolls | Vulvar Specialist Brooklyn NY – Asiandolls sex dolls love dolls love dolls

You obviously notice when something’s different about your health. Abdominal or pelvic pain, a shift in your menstrual cycle, pain in other areas of the body. We all know that these can happen for a number of reasons. But what if you’re experiencing severe pain or cramping? Trust yourself if your intuition says something’s off. … Read more